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LWV 100 years of policy reports

LWV’s main focus is studying issues and providing reports and policy you will find a list of current and past reports.

100 years of Voter Information and Action from LWVUS. How will we celebrate?

When Prisoners have Visitors: an article on an issue studied by the LWV.

LWV Oregon positions and actions:

redistricting in oregon: current study

A current study involves the possibility of a constitutional amendment for Oregon to create an independent redistricting commission with strict criteria for drawing district boundaries after the 2020 Census. The LWVOR will draft such an amendment for the next Legislative session. The League supports redistricting reform that would make our system less susceptible to abuse and unrepresentative distortions. With an independent commission, redistricting would be taken out of the hands of partisan politicians and put back into the hands of voters. LWVUS supports this process in every state.

These links take you to various recent reports of Oregon legislative activities based on LWV studies and actions.

LWV Oregon Positions on Ballot Measures, 2018

Election Results Reflect LWVOR Positions, 2018

LWV Oregon Issues for Action, 2015

LWV Oregon Legislative Report, 2018

Past LWV Oregon state positions and actions

This link provides Position and Action History based on LWV studies and consensus statements dating back to 1968. The categories include Governance, Natural Resources, and Social Policy, as well as further information on LWV and its use of studies to create positions and actions.

Past Local Level Studies:

County Commissioner Non Partisan Election 2013

LWV Klamath County sponsored an initiative effort to elect Klamath County commissioners on a non-partisan basis.  We gathered 1404 valid signatures by February 19, 2013 which enabled us to put this issue on the May 21, 2013 ballot.  Voters approved this measure even though County Commissioners did not like it.

Privatization 2011-12 

Consensus Report March 2012

Klamath County Clean Air Initiative

Clean Air Report 1990-91

Klamath County Transient Room Tax

In 2003, The LWV Klamath County studied the County’s transient room tax, whereby taxes are collected and used to promote tourism in the county. We produced a comprehensive report on this issue.

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