Minutes and Records


April 15, 2021 – LWV Klamath Annual Meeting – Zoom at 5:30 pm

Board/Officer election time. 

Our current slate of Board and Officers is as follows:

  • Co-Presidents: Emily Strauss and Diane Eastman-Shockey
  • Vice President/Secretary: Karen Kunz
  • Treasurer: Leslie Lowe
  • Board Members: Ralph and Charlotte Opp

This slate will be presented for a zoom vote, but any member may nominate additional members for inclusion in the slate at the Annual Meeting on April 15, 2021.

Members must be current on their dues to qualify for a Board position or to vote. Dues are $65 for an individual or $97.50 for a family. Membership scholarships are available upon request.

The following people must remit their dues by April 15.

Send to: LWVKC, 8880 Tingley Lane, K. F., 97603

Anita and John Ward

Ralph and Charlotte Opp

Christina Pasillas

Debra Matthews

Diane Eastman-Shockey

Emily Strauss

Gary and Wanda Powless

Jody Daniels and Phil Studenberg

Julie Ryder

Karen Kunz

Leslie Lowe

Nancy Sheehan

Susan Kreizenbeck

Sue Fortune

Val Lenardson

The following people will be eligible to vote as of April 15. 2021:

Barbara and Lou Turk….dues are due 11/12/21

Faith Leith……….……. dues are due 9/21/2021

Jaye Weiss……….….…. dues are due 9/21/2021

Kay Ratliff……….……. dues are due 9/4/2021

See the proposed annual budget HERE.

upcoming agenda

*NOTE: Agenda items may be added or deleted at the start of a meeting.

LWVKC minutes and records

All organizations produce minutes of meetings and other records. These are a kind of public, legal document. Here you can find our minutes and records to check what we’ve done recently. These links will try to cover the past year as minutes become available. Our meetings occur monthly from September- May. Contact us for more information.

Here are minutes and agendas for LWV Oregon.

Here is some information from the national LWV on best practices for local leagues to hold meetings and other activities. You can see how the LWV operates to uphold its non-partisan status.

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