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This is the home of the League of Women Voters of Klamath County. We are a non-partisan organization that:

►encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government (see- GET INVOLVED)

► works to increase understanding of major national public policy issues, state issues and local issues (see- WHAT WE DO)

► influences public policy through education and advocacy (see- BECOME AN INFORMED VOTER)

Candidates’ Forum. Chiloquin. May 3

Update from Klamath County Clerk

April 02, 2024
For Immediate Release:
May 21st Primary Election

1) Ballots will be mailed May 1st. The last day to register as a new voter or to change party affiliation is April 30th. If a voter changes parties or address after the original ballots are processed, they may receive two ballots. The first ballot is inactivated and cannot be voted when the second ballot is issued. Please call if you are unclear which ballot to vote. If you have not received your ballot by May 7th, please contact our office.

2) Official Drop Sites are on the Klamath County Website. Your ballot must be in a box by 8pm on Election Day to be counted. Please check the website or call for hours and availability of the non-24 hour drop sites.

https:/ www.klamathcounty.org/685/Drop-Sites

3) If you are mailing in your ballot, Postmarks CAN count, if:
a. Signed, AND
b. Postmarked on or before Election Day, AND
c. Received by the County Clerk’s Office within seven days after Election Day

4) Nobody in Oregon will receive all of the candidates on their ballot. Oregon has a closed primary; this is a nominating election for the major parties. Registered Democrats receive Democratic candidates; registered Republicans receive Republican candidates; nonaffiliated voters receive only those races that are nonpartisan.

5) Voters’ Pamphlet will be delivered to every household around May 1st. Candidates are not required to be in the Voters’ Pamphlet. The candidate’s name will still appear on your ballot. Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, declined to provide a statement for the Voters’ Pamphlet.

Contact the Klamath County Clerk’s Office, (541) 883-5134 or elections@klamathcounty.org, with any questions.

candidates’ forum. chiloquin. may 3.

How county election offices really work

Capital Community Media has recently released a 30-minute video that goes into the Marion County, Oregon Elections Office during an election and tracks ballots from the time they enter the building until the votes are counted. This is a genuine view of the process for anyone who has never observed it, or anyone who isn’t sure if the work of county election officers is transparent. Watch it here.


We are now coming upon the Primary Election of 2024 and there will be a lot of misinformation out there. If you have a question at all, please contact us, we are more than happy to answer your questions or direct you appropriately.

Below is a link on our website:

Misinformation Mythbuster | Klamath County, OR

League of Women Voters PSA- Don’t Spread Misinformation


Oregon is a safe place for everyone!

Since the passage of SB 577 in 2019, the civil rights unit at the Oregon department of justice operates the nation’s first statewide hate crime and bias incident response hotline, dedicated to supporting victims and witnesses targeted with hate or bias based on their protected status (such as race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender.

  • The civil rights unit engages in community, government, and law enforcement outreach and training regarding civil rights issues affecting communities in the state of Oregon;
  • Topics which will be discussed in this presentation will be the latest laws regarding hate crimes and bias incidents in the state, and what are examples of hate crimes and bias incidents;
  • What is the difference between hate speech and free speech, and how can I respond to affirm community values when I witness or learn about bias or hate;
  • What can I do about the escalation of hate, intimidation, extremism and the growth of racism and intolerance in our communities;
  • What resources are available for victims and witnesses of discrimination and bias ;
  • How can the statewide bias response hotline help you report hate crimes and bias incidents and explore support.

We all have a role to play in ensuring our communities are safe, inclusive spaces where everyone is celebrated for who they are, and where everyone feels a sense of belonging. When hate or bias occurs in your community, how you respond is critical. If you were victimized, do you know where you can report? Or how to interact with the police?  If you were a witness, do you know how to safely intervene? Or what language to use in speaking with the victim? What about online safety?  Do you know how to talk to kids about hate and bias?

Government Transparency

Do you want to ensure transparency among elected officials? Become an observer!


Observers in Klamath can attend meetings of

a) Klamath County Commissioner

b) Klamath Falls City Council

c) Klamath County School Board

d) Klamath Falls City Schools

e) any elected Board in the county for various services

Most of these meetings are available by Zoom so that you can attend from your own home.  Remember that you cannot say anything at the meeting.  You are literally there JUST to observe and report to LWV Klamath.  Be sure to complete the Observer Corps form so that we can follow up on anything you suggest. 

Our first action item was THIS letter we recently sent to the Klamath County Schools Board.

Our observations work like this:

1) Observation reports are due the Sunday before the upcoming monthly LWV Klamath Board meeting, at 4 pm . Send the Observer form to Leslie Lowe at leslielowe@lvwklamath.org.

2) The Observer committee will meet at 4 pm the following day (Monday) by Zoom to discuss any reports and what action to suggest to the Board (Letter to Editor or to agency observed, website information, action plan, etc.)

3) The Board will decide what to do at the subsequent Thursday meeting

Be sure to complete the Observer Corps form so that we can follow up on anything you suggest. 

Learn more from this pamphlet: Observing Your Government in Action, Protecting Your Right to Know.

And HERE is a recent post on the observer corps.

Want more info?  Contact Leslie Lowe at 541-882-6509.

Join the LWV Klamath!

What can YOU do?

  • study local issues in detail, with the help of experts, and help frame policy recommendations
  • work with other Oregon chapters to study larger issues and submit reports to the Oregon Legislature
  • help with educating voters before elections, such as holding candidate forums
  • join national non-partisan efforts to recommend sound policy on many issues
  • become an informed voter

LWV Klamath Board Meetings

Second Thursday of the month at 5:00 pm at various locations in Klamath Falls (or online).  Request an agenda for each meeting from admin@lwvklamath.org. Everyone has a voice at our meetings.  (Only Board members are allowed to vote.)

Find our recent board meeting minutes HERE.

See the treasurer’s report for proposed budget for 2024-25 HERE.

You can pay your dues by sending $65 for individual or $97.50 for family membership to LWV Klamath, 8880 Tingley Lane, Klamath Falls, OR  97603.

Want to talk with someone about any of this?   Call Diane Eastman-Shockey, President at 989-501-0013   or  Leslie Lowe, Treasurer 541-882-6509           

subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of upcoming activities.

CONTACT: LWV of Klamath County 8880 Tingley Lane, Klamath Falls OR 97603 541-882-6509

For more information, contact our president at president@lwvklamath.org

3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Until we get rid of corporate capacity to buy votes, nothing on TV or other media will change in a way that truly affects election politics. ” One person, one vote” has to be reinstated by the Supreme Court and now moneyed interests control the Supreme Court for the life of the judges. We are in a cycle that will take years to overturn. Our democracy is at stake from foreign governments influencing our ability to get accurate information. Each of us must live the vision we seek. I believe that is why I am passionate about participation in the activities of the League of Women Voters.

  2. The LWV need to seriously consider Thom Hartmann’s comments–“Democratic Debates: Is It Time to Get the Corporate TV Stars off the Stage?
    The democratic debate, operating entirely within the context of corporate TV stars’ questions and largely Republican frames, shows once again why a for-profit “news“ operation shouldn’t be running a presidential debate. In 1988, the Democratic and Republican parties set up a corporation to handle the debates, and the League of Women Voters for the first time in generations refused to participate, saying the political parties had turned it into a sham.
    And a sham is exactly what we saw last night, with no questions at all about the environment, corporate power, media concentration (which gave Trump $2 billion in free publicity last time around), or why Congress only passes legislation to benefit the top 1%.
    It’s time to bring back deep and meaningful conversations like the league used to have, and get the multimillionaire TV stars off the stage.” This is from his FB page, 14 hours ago. 10.16.2019. Why couldn’t the LWV lobby (who or what I am not sure of) to provide this service to the nation once again?

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