Online Candidates’ Forum, 2020: Klamath County Sheriff

This is the Klamath County Sheriff candidate forum.

As part of the LWV Klamath County effort to provide voter information and education, this is our sheriff candidate forum. Learn about the sheriff’s office and look at the information provided by the candidates for this position.


The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of 90 sworn personnel in the Patrol, Corrections, and Civil Divisions. The Volunteer Division has nearly 100 volunteers in many different programs. There are a variety of services provided to our county residents and those who chose to visit, work, and recreate in Klamath County. As you look at what the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office offers, you will see services common in many larger law enforcement agencies….we just have a more beautiful place to work!


It is the mission of the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office to safeguard the lives and property of the residents of our county. We do this by protecting and serving you. By reducing the incidence and fear of crime, we improve the quality of life within Klamath County. Our mandate is to do so with honor and integrity. These are not mere words…these are the core values of law enforcement.


5.25%= John Mogle, Klamath Falls OR 97603 541.810.1702 541.883.3409 541.810.1702

63.78% WINNER= Chris Kaber, Klamath Falls OR 97603 541.331.4992

30.73%= Daren William Krag, Klamath Falls OR 97601 541.810.1730

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