Do You Know About LWV’s Studies?


League of Women Voters® of Oregon (LWVOR) is a grassroots, nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government in order to build better communities statewide. LWVOR’s purposes are to influence public policy through education and advocacy, and to provide support for League members and the League organization.

League of Women Voters® of Oregon also works to encourage active and informed participation in government and to increase understanding of major policy issues. The League seeks to empower citizens to understand governmental issues and to participate in the political process. We seek to provide balanced, accurate, nonpartisan information to all Oregonians.

The League never supports or opposes any candidate or political party.

We study issues

  • Because we need detailed, reliable, carefully researched information.
  • So LWV members and citizens can reach their own conclusions.
  • To develop advocacy positions that can be used by our Action Team.

To request a hard copy of any of these reports, contact LWV of Oregon at Reports are free; however, there is a small charge to cover shipping. Some quantities may be limited. Many college and community libraries have copies as well.

You can find additional League studies, including national and other state studies, at the LWVUS Study Clearinghouse website.

Recent Study Updates

  1. Election Methods Informational Update, Adopted on February 10, 2023
  2. Caring for Our Children, Adopted on January 23, 2023

Recent Positions

  1. Pesticides and Biocides Study of 2021, adopted on January 19, 2023

Latest News from the Study Chair

As the LWVOR recently appointed Study Chair, I’m sharing my plan to bring our attention to what causes our league heart …to beat. Our interest in issues leads to League Study which results in writing our positions on issues, ultimately leading to ACTION and ADVOCACY. In the past, the League has encouraged our members to write and present a Study because this is the only way to create issue positions and, thus, the only way we may take action with ONE VOICE!

League members pledged 103 years ago to participate in government and defend democracy and to do so ONLY with accurate, balanced, shared, and nonpartisan understanding. That understanding comes from Study that was created by and shared with league members, and with our community and public policy makers in our government.

How does Study begin? A local League(s) will identify an issue or topic that is or will be addressed by the government through the creation of public policy, action, or legislation. A study committee forms with a designated leader. A title is declared, a time frame committed to, and ultimately, presentation, and approval for Study by their Board.

Once a Study is completed, consensus from members is given, and positions are created, it is archived and reviewed annually, usually in January. These Studies and their positions are neatly stored and accessible on our websites as tools for us to use when taking Action or Advocacy. Local, State, and National Leagues have created Studies and positions.

Let’s pause here to recognize that our interests in a particular issue by League individuals or as a group could also result in a white paper or a discussion group or a public forum. We recognize the truth that our eyes, ears, hearts, and brains may hunger for information, yet not always with the ultimate goal being…STUDY. The League encourages interest in various topics and interests, recognizing that the end goal may not be a Study.

Study will be an important topic during our LWVOR Convention, May 19-21st. Read the studies and concurrence to be presented to our league delegates on the Convention tab on our website.

Annie Goldner

LWVOR Interim Study Chair


LWV Klamath County also does local studies!