Klamath County Commissioners Election, 2022

Primary Election, May, 2022, County Commissioner Candidates

Candidates for Klamath County Commissioners are running for two seats in the primary election on May 17, 2022. Be an informed voter! Learn about the candidates for your area, and be ready to vote.

LWV asked the candidates for county commissioners

The League contacted each candidate and requested their participation. We asked them to provide information for voters, written and/or video-taped. We presented three questions:

  • 1. What would be your major goals for the upcoming term?
  • 2. How would you work to increase transparency when allocating taxpayer money?
  • 3. What would you propose to improve local water and fire issues that have been exacerbated by the drought?

position 1(left vacant by resignation of former commissioner Donnie Boyd)

Allen Headley (no response)

Dave Henslee (no response)

Todd Gessele (no response)

Brandon Fowler (no response)

County Commissioners Public Forum

On Thursday April 14, candidates for Klamath County Commissioner, position 1, participated in a public forum. The Klamath County Chamber of Commerce moderated this event. Candidates made opening statements, answered questions, and then gave closing statements.

Klamath Falls News captured an audio recording of the event . Listen to the recording in its entirety here.

position 2

Kelley Minty Morris (Incumbent)

Interview with Kelley Minty Morris

James Garland


Interview with James Garland

1: To work towards getting more tourism organized in sharing the great history the Klamath Basin has to offer. Along with the movie industry, as Klamath Falls is a backlot for doing major motion pictures and television productions in this area with its rich history of the different time periods Klamath Falls has to offer. To work towards more Manufactuing in the area for the basin. Along with more programs for the less fortunate among us. 

2: Taxpayers should expect nothing less. Through transparency and advanced technology, governments can make significant strides in ensuring that the electorate do get the work they paid for, and in turn, start to regain the public’s trust. Transparency and tech together can safeguard taxpayers’ money. 

3: Drought affects all parts of our environment and our communities. The many different drought impacts are often grouped as “economic,” “environmental,” and “social” impacts. All of these impacts must be considered in planning for and responding to drought conditions.

  • Economic Impacts- are those impacts of drought that cost people (or businesses) money. 
  • Environmental Impacts-Drought also affects the environment in many different ways. Plants and animals depend on water, just like people. 
  • Social Impacts- Social impacts of drought are ways that drought affects people’s health and safety. Social impacts include public safety, health, conflicts between people when there isn’t enough water to go around, and changes in lifestyle. 

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