Oregon Primary Election May 17, 2021

Why Should I Vote?

Every political organization in the U.S. encourages voting, from Republicans to Democrats, to Independents. Here are some links to arguments that many groups make about why voting matters.







Who is Running in Klamath County on May 17?

  1. Primary Schedule (pdf)
  2. Open Positions (pdf)
  3. Dave Henslee, Commissioner Pos 1 (pdf)
  4. Todd J Gessele, Commissioner Pos 1 (pdf)
  5. Allen Headley, Commissioner Pos 1 (pdf)
  6. Brandon Fowler, Commisioner Pos 1 (pdf)
  7. Kelley Minty Morris, Commissioner Pos 2 (pdf)
  8. James C Garland, Commissioner Pos 2 (pdf)
  9. Nathan Bigby, Assessor (pdf)
  10. Rochelle Long, Clerk (pdf)
  11. Karen M Oakes, Justice of the Peace (pdf)
  12. Vickie Noel, Treasurer (pdf)


For Immediate Release: May 17th Primary Election

1)Official Drop Sites are on the Klamath County Website. Your ballot must be in box by 8pm on Election Day to be counted. Please check the website or call for hours and availability of the non-24 hour drop sites. https://www.klamathcounty.org/685/Drop-Sites

2) Ballots will be mailed April 27. Postmarks CAN count, if:


b.Postmarked on or before Election Day,

c.Received by the County Clerk’s Office within seven days after Election Day

3) Ballots will be mailed April 27. The last day to register as a new voter or to change party affiliation is April 26. If a voter changes parties after the original ballots are processed, they may receive two ballots. The first ballot is inactivated and cannot be voted when the second ballot is issued. Please call if you are unclear which ballot to vote.

4) Nobody in Oregon will receive all of the candidates on their ballot. Oregon has a closed primary, this is a nominating election for the major parties. Registered Democrats receive Democratic candidates; registered Republicans receive Republican candidates; nonaffiliated voters receive only those races that are nonpartisan.

5) To observe the election, mandatory observation training is required. Please call or email (elections@klamathcounty.org) to attend training. The election can also be observed Live Stream (no training required) on the Klamath County website. https://www.klamathcounty.org/872/Information

Contact the Klamath County Clerk’s Office, (541) 883-5134 or elections@klamathcounty.org, with any questions.

Find FAQs on the website.