Harvard Case Study Martin Luther King and the Struggle for Black Voting Rights (1965)

Thursday August 20th, 7PM via Zoom Register Here

Join us for a community discussion led by Alisa Harvey to deepen our understanding of American democracy. The topic we will explore is Martin Luther King and the Voting Rights Act.  This has particular resonance today.
Ms. Harvey will use the Harvard Case Study Method, which is an interactive teaching style that will be new to many of us.

Using this method, we will see the events as they unfolded in real-time.  “The intention behind teaching these cases is to help students and the community recognize the importance of being engaged, and encouraging public discourse on these critical issues with historical knowledge as people make decisions with regard to voting,” Ms. Harvey says. Students and community members will think about the legacy of equality efforts in America and make connections to contemporary rights and protest movements.

To attend the event, pre-registration is required using the link:  http://lwvor.org/oregoncivics/ 

The 20-page case study and questions will be emailed to participants upon registration prior to the event to allow time for study and to formulate answers to discussion questions in advance.

Ms. Harvey was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Oregon to train on the Harvard Case Study method in Boston with Harvard Professor David Moss. She applied the method in her classes this past school year and will now give the community the opportunity to take part in a case study.

Join us Thursday, August 20th at 7:00pm via Zoom. Please register at http://lwvor.org/oregoncivics/  far enough in advance to study the material before the meeting.

For more information, see HERE.