Your Human Right to Vote


This is an update from the Human Rights Special Interest Group. (HRSIG) You have seen and appreciated their work on United Nations ART that is inspired by human rights and heard their presentations on UN Goals for a sustainable future and women’s human rights.

We are pleased to announce their latest work on Your Human Right to Vote.  Once again they highlight work of the global community, starting with the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  This fundamental document states plainly and  unequivocally–the right to vote is a human right. This right is enshrined in many international covenants adopted by Member States of the United Nations.  This right is also included in Amendments to the US Constitution.

Yet, we cannot be complacent–we must continue to protect this human right to vote and raise awareness of infringements on this right, especially in our local communities. We are mindful to Think Globally and Act Locally. Please see the overview of Your Human Right to Vote in their third Briefing Book, available for download here at no cost.   and go to their website for a list of all their publications and presentations. (


The Human Rights Special Interest Group acts to engage with communities as INFLUENCERS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS through storytelling, presentations, advocacy, and publications. Below are some examples of people working in their community to ensure voting rights.


The Equal Rights Amendment has deep support from individuals and organizations from coast to coast, yet many of us are unsure of its status today. A recent publication, by our founding member Michele Thorne, explains the Amendment’s status and why the ERA is our 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The article is titled “A New Era for the ERA? Our 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution” and appeared in the Chicago Bar Association Record (May/June 2022).


Understandings about human rights stories are enhanced when shared widely through inspirational storytelling.  Stories resonate with truth and compassion and bring about positive outcomes in our everyday lives.  Here is one story about the scourge of human trafficking in local communities (the manicurist with numbers carved into her hand).  It is written by our founding member Savanna Mapelli.  The story was posted on  in December 2021.


Accurate information about current events is essential, especially when talking about our human rights.  Founding member Kathleen Montgomery helped develop a presentation titled Fight Truth Decay! Combat Disinformation, which she presented to local community groups, including the League of Women Voters of Orange Coast and the United Nations Association of Orange County.