Election Security in Oregon: video

Election security and the ability to vote by mail or remotely instead of at a polling place has become a major question for the 2020 general election.Of course Oregon has had mail-in only ballots since 1998. Now other states will look at Oregon’s system to learn some best practices.

Oregon’s Vote-by-Mail is secure and accurate. It protects voter privacy. Plus, it has many security features to prevent fraud and election interference.

This video is about Election Security with the Vote-by-Mail process in Oregon. It shows the many safeguards that are used to ensure that all votes are counted accurately, that the election process is secure from interference and fraud, and that the privacy of all voters is protected. Elections Director Tim Scott explains how Oregon’s vote-by-mail process works with slides and videos. He also answers audience questions about the incidence of fraud, voter suppression and the security of vote-counting in other states.