LWVOR supports fair maps for Oregon: initiative petition 57

Together with People Not Politicians, the League of Women Voters of Oregon are calling on all Oregonians to support a state-wide effort that puts the power of map drawing into the hands of the people.  

We have 20 days as of June 10, 2020 to get fair maps on the ballot in November, and we need all hands on deck! In a matter of minutes, your help can move us closer to reaching our goal.  

Sign IP 57 and join us in the fight for a fair and transparent redistricting process in Oregon! The petition calls for an independent citizen-led redistricting commission that will ensure Oregonians choose their representatives and not the other way around. 

Support IP 57 by taking these easy steps:  

  • Visit the People Not Politicians website 
  • Read the petition 
  • Enter your information to get a petition mailed to you 
    • OR Download and print the petition at home 
  • Hand-sign and mail in your signature sheet 

We have until June 29th to get as many signatures as possible.

Ensure that your voice is heard by signing the petition today.

We believe Oregon voters should choose their politicians—politicians should not choose their voters. Have you signed IP 57?

In this time of uncertainty, there is one thing we can all agree on; every Oregonian deserves to be represented and every eligible voter’s vote should count. That’s why we joined People Not Politicians, and together we have launched a statewide signature gathering campaign for IP 57 to put redistricting reform on the ballot this November and give everyday Oregonians the opportunity to make our voices heard.

What does IP 57 call for? An independent, citizen-led redistricting commission.

  • The balanced commission would be made up of 12 citizens with 4 from each of the two largest political parties and 4 who are not affiliated with the largest parties.
  • Incumbent politicians, lobbyists, and political operatives are BANNED from the commission.
  • Commissioners may not favor or discriminate against any candidate, elected official or political party.

Democracy doesn’t stop and neither do we.

The League of Women Voters of Oregon and People Not Politicians need your help. Your signature today makes all the difference in making sure Oregonians can vote for a fair, transparent, and independent redistricting citizen’s commission this November.

It’s simple. Just visit the People Not Politicians website and take a few steps.
First, read Initiative Petition 57. Next, enter your information to get your petition. Then, print, hand-sign and mail in your signature sheet.

Other organizations that support the People Not Politicians petition:

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Common Cause
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Oregon congressional districts

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